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10 reasons why seniors need more vitamin D has the following

  1. Senior skin produces 3X less Vitamin D for the same sun intensity
  2. Seniors have fewer vitamin D receptors as they age
    (The effect of low Vitamin D receptor genes does not show up on vitamin D test results)
  3. Seniors are indoors more than when when they were younger
    not as agile, weaker muscles; frail, no longer enjoy hot temperatures
    (if outside, stay in the shade), however, seniors might start outdoor activities like gardening, biking, etc.
  4. Seniors wear more clothing outdoors than when younger
    fear skin cancer/wrinkles, sometimes avoid bright light after cataract surgery
  5. Seniors often take various drugs which reduce vitamin D (some would not show up on vitamin D test)
    statins, chemotherapy, anti-depressants, blood pressure, beta-blockers, etc
  6. Seniors often have one or more diseases which consume vitamin D ( osteoporosis, diabetes, MS, ...)
  7. Seniors generally put on weight at they age - and a heavier body requires more vitamin D
  8. Seniors often (40%) have fatty livers – which do not process vitamin D as well
  9. Seniors not have as much Magnesium needed to use vitamin D
    (would not show up on vitamin D test)
  10. Seniors with poorly functioning kidneys do not process vitamin D as well
    (would not show up on vitamin D test)
    2009 full text online  Also PDF 2009
  11. Vitamin D is not as bioavailable in senior digestive systems (Stomach acid or intestines?)

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143 No longer easily bruised: due to vitamins, probably vitamin D 242309
07 Feb, 2016 17:53
admin Seniors
1067 Hearing Loss appears to be prevented and treated with vitamin D 169145
25 May, 2014 19:30
admin Seniors
Treatment by Vitamin D
584 Alzheimers-Cognition - Overview 54733
17 Nov, 2017 03:03
admin Seniors
28 Overview Seniors and Vitamin D 47005
25 May, 2017 18:05
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High Risk
3460 Vertigo 23X more likely with low vitamin D, perhaps Calcium in ear – Oct 2012 20997
29 Jun, 2017 12:21
admin Seniors
Bone - Health
Top news
3909 Muscle cells differentiate into fat cells if there is low vitamin D in petrie dish – April 2013 20985
30 Apr, 2014 20:45
admin Seniors
1324 Pneumonia elderly death 12X more likely when vitamin D less than 12 ng – 2011 19495
07 Oct, 2017 09:16
admin Seniors
3472 Type 2 muscles, not all muscles, get benefit from Vitamin D - Dec 2012 18046
23 Oct, 2013 02:01
admin Seniors
Sports and Vitamin D
1912 Seniors Vitamin D Workshop - Sept 2011 15221
26 Nov, 2014 12:18
admin Seniors
About D - more info.
1260 Overview Fractures and Falls and Vitamin D 13869
05 Nov, 2017 16:40
admin Seniors
Falls and Fractures
2782 If you cannot readily get medical treatment, consider Alternative Med such as vitamin D 13344
11 Aug, 2017 15:48
admin Seniors
Pain - chronic
Cost savings with Vitamin D
6550 Many diseases of aging are associated with low vitamin D – Dec 2014 12739
14 Apr, 2017 17:40
admin Seniors
Top news
221 Possible reduction in nocturia, nighttime urination, or BPH after taking vitamin D 11595
30 Jun, 2017 01:16
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4680 Low Vitamin D breaks down muscle by interferring with protein - Editorial Nov 2013 8326
29 Aug, 2017 14:50
admin Seniors
Sports and Vitamin D
4645 Muscle increased 17 percent in vitamin D insufficient elderly getting 4,000 IU for 4 months – RCT Oct 2013 8183
27 Jan, 2015 15:18
admin Seniors
Top news
6468 Many more people now have vitamin D levels above 50 ng, especially seniors – May 2015 8130
30 Nov, 2016 03:45
admin Seniors
Toxicity of Vitamin D
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Increased use of D
206 Vitamin D repletion = 2000 IU daily for adults and 5000 IU daily for seniors May 2010 8041
13 Oct, 2012 13:23
admin Deficiency of Vitamin D

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