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One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need

    Our Does Less Sun mean More Disease video tells you WHY vitamin D is needed

Taking one 50,000 IU capsule of Vitamin D3 every two weeks will result in 80% of adults bringing their blood levels to above 40 nanograms/ millliliter, an optimal level for good health.
A 50,000 IU capsule is the equivalent of the amount of vitamin D from sunbathing for 3 days in a sunny climate.

You can take more 50,000 IU pills initially to feel the benefits more quickly.

50,000 IU To feel benefits in a weekTo Maintain 40 ng/ml
Adult2 per day for 4 days 1 every 2 weeks
Adult - high risk* 4 per day for 4 days 1 every week

*About 20% of adults are at high risk for Vitamin D deficiency: especially those who are obese, pregnant, shut-in, avoid the sun, have dark skin, are senior, live far from the equator, or need to deal with an illness, injury, or surgery. They need at least 2 times more Vitamin D.

A 50,000 IU capsule costs as little as 21 cents, ($21 retail for a bottle of 100 capsules Amazon US )
The very lowest cost source and highest quality of vitamin D3 50,000 IU capsule = Bio-Tech
You can order it from Amazon US (Amazon has the lowest price, but has a policy to not ship any drugs out of a country)
     Bio-Tech 50,000 was 2nd highest rated Vitamin D in Amazon May 2014

   * Here is a UK company that ships Bio-Tech products to all the European countries

  WLS sells Bio-Tech with a different label from the Netherlands
- Many companies supply Vitamin D, not just Bio-Tech
    Amazon (US) Vitamin D as of Oct 2014: 5 supply 50,000 IU, 30 supply 10,000 IU, > 500 supply 5,000 IU
- An adult who is not at high risk for vitamin D deficiency can achieve an optimal level for $1.60
    and maintain it for just 2 cents per day (Amazon price: 20 cent capsules)
- If at high risk: at least double the amount will be needed (at double the price)

Bio-Tech makes the only Vitamin D which has ALL of these features:

 Very low cost 50,000 IU capsule appears to be the lowest cost source in the world
 Contains no additives  nothing to cause an allergy
 Does not have oil   Oil associated with about 20% reduction in response in a clinical trial
   water-soluble is far nore absorbable
 Tasteless   no unpleasant taste or odor as with some liquids
 Tiny capsule need not
 be swallowed
  you can put the powder from the capsule directly into your mouth
 or add to water, milk (animal or plant), juice, food, etc
 and consume the vitamin D over the period of days.
 Kosher and Halal certified  Vegi-cap (needed for Kosher) is more expensive
 Gut friendly  tho some companies have even gut friendlier forms

Note: some other suppliers have many of the above features

5,000 IU

5,000 IU To feel benefits in a weekTo Maintain 40 ng/ml
Adult20 per day for 4 days 1 per weekday
Adult - high risk* 40 per day for 4 days 2 per weekday
Child10 per day for 4 daysevery other day

Additional companies which ship internationally include (Note: customs rarely seem concerned about dose size if small quantities, especially via mail)
Swansons,    Life Extension Foundation    Vitaminshoppe    Nutrition Express - can sort by size or type    Ebay 10,000 listings in Nov 2016

Cofactors should be adjusted- especially if take for many months

Reduce Calcium intake to 500 mg/day (dairy products, food, supplements)
Increase Magnesium supplements to 500 mg/day


Every 2 weeks 50,000 IU

Weekly 50,000 IU (must adjust cofactors if continued for months)

Other 50,000 IU

What is an Optimal Level? 40 ng, 50 ng, 60 ng, 80 ng

Large single doses of Vitamin D

High Risk of being having low vitamin D levels

No: 50,000 IU is not toxic (if taken DAILY for 30 days)

Other Vitamin D information

see wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=2533
A systematic review of vitamin D status in populations worldwide – Jan 2014 has the following
from DSM
DSM 2014

derived from Grassroots 2013

Response with 400,000 IU loading dose @ is.gd/7DayVitD

Dose to motherInfant @ 30 days
5,000 IU daily 39.2 ng
150,000 IU monthly38.7 ng

3 to 25 more likely to have these health problems if low Vitamin D

CLICK HERE for more information

One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need        

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