Overview Rheumatoid Arthritis and vitamin D

FACT: People with Rheumatoid arthritis are often vitamin D deficient
REPORT: People with the most Rheumatoid arthritis pain are the most vitamin D deficient
FACT: Rheumatoid arthritis pain is reduced by vitamin D - sometimes as little as 500 IU
FACT: 24 % more likely to get RA if have consume a low amount of vitamin D

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Meta-analysis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Vitamin D in VitaminDWiki

2012 Review of Vitamin D and RA attached at the bottom of this page has the following image


2014 study on Vitamin D and RA is attached at the bottom of this page

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Knee Joint with and without Rheumatoid Arthritis

Note: Boron appears to repair and strengthen cartilage

Overview Rheumatoid Arthritis and vitamin D        

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