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Tests for Vitamin D

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Vitamin D testing: Facts and VitaminDWiki Opinions
  • Fact: Many countries no longer pay for more than 1 or even any Vitamin D tests
      They feel that vitamin D testing is not needed except for a few conditions
  • Fact: Vitamin D tests are not very accuracte/consistant: typically +- 5 nanograms
  • Opinion: Home blood spot tests have similar accuracy/repeatability as the lab tests
  • Fact: Low cost vitamin D tests are coming, but are not available in the US yet
       Low-cost Yes/No test by Nanosys is available outside of the US ($15 - $25)
  • Fact: 3 major gene problems are not noticed by standard Vitamin D tests
       ~ 20% of Vit D tests show OK levels in blood when genes restrict VitD getting to cells
       Hint that Vit D not getting to cells: Vit D related diseases run in your family
  • Fact: A vitamin D test will rarely (<1 in 1000) indicate that you are getting too much
  • Opinion: If only getting a single test, wait till after supplementing with Vit D
       3 months after starting a maintance dose or 4 weeks after a loading dose

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