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  • Vitamin D Injections
    • Currently made by medical professionals
    • Home injection appears to be possible in the future
  • Injection, like loading doses:
    • Vary in size from 100,000 IU to 1,000,000 IU
    • Peak in blood in about 3 days
  • Injections are useful for people:
    • Who might forget to take their periodic supplement (children, elderly, etc)
    • Who cannot swallow or have poor digestion
  • An injection lasts longer than a loading dose ( ~3 month vs ~2 month)
  • While vitamin D2 is historically the common form, Vitamin D3 is far better
  • Should check (if there is time) for possible allergic reaction to Vitamin D or lack of Magnesium
       for both for loading dose and injection
  • Note: Parenteral = other than mouth
  • 100,000 IU single dose of vitamin D - 2010 has the following
  • Vitamin D injection lasts longer and has bigger response than weekly oral – Jan 2017 has the following

Overview Loading of vitamin D contains the following

If a person is, or is suspected to be, very vitamin D deficient a loading dose is typically given

  • Loading = repletion = quick replacement (previously known as Stoss)
  • Loading doses range in size from 100,000 IU to 1,000,000 IU of Vitamin D3
  • The size of the loading dose is a function of body weight - see below
    Unfortunately, some doctors persist in using Vitamin D2 instead of D3
  • Loading may be done as quickly as a single day, to as slowly as 3 months.
    It appears that spreading the loading dose over 4-20 days is a good compromise
  • Loading is typically oral, but sometimes by injection (I.M,)
  • The loading dose persists in the body for about 3 months
    The loading dose should be followed up with continuing maintenance
    Unfortunately, many doctors fail to follow-up with the maintenance dosing.
  • As about 1 in 300 people have some form of mild allergic reaction to vitamin D supplements,
    it appears prudent to test with a small amount of vitamin D before giving a loading dose
  • The causes of a mild allergic reaction appear to be: (in order of occurance)
    1) lack of magnesium - which can be easily added
    2) allergy to capsule contents - oil, additives (powder does not appear to cause any reaction)
    3) allergy to the tiny amount of D3 itself (allergy to wool) ( alternate: D3 made from plants )

Suspect in the future that some people will
inject Vitamin D every 90 days just as diabetics now inject Insulin daily

Insulin Injection Sites: Where and How to Inject Feb 2017

  • Has a good step-by-step description of what millions of people do daily
  • "There are different ways to take insulin, including syringes, insulin pens, insulin pumps, and jet injectors. "
  • Insulin needles pad been a painful 12.7 millimeters in length. Now needles are as small as 4 mm, and much less painful
  • Insulin is injected into fat. Vitamin D is currently injected into muscle.
  • Austrailian Discount Chemist ships 600,000 IU injection worldwide to those with a prescription $50 Aug 2017
    Note 600,000 IU Vitamin D via capsules is 1/20 th the cost = $2.40, and does not require a prescription

Note: Vitamin D injection may minimize of eliminate the need for Insulin injection

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