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Intervention - Vitamin D

Intervention = Give Vitamin D to a portion of study participants and see what happens

  • Intervene with the group" the same IU, but sometimes intervene and vary the IU
    such that each individual exceeds a desired blood level (say 40 ng)
  • Group size: 50 to 500 people, but can be ~ 100,000 individuals (Turkey- Rickets)
  • Vitamin D3, but sometimes an activated form (Calcidiol, or Calcitriol)
  • Disease treatment, but sometimes disease prevention
  • Just Vitamin D (monotherapy), even though cofactors are very important

Not listed - Trials which clearly used too little vitamin D or too short of period

443 Intervention studies

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Intervention - Vitamin D by date instead of by health problem

Studies in VitaminDWiki

Year Randomized
Interventions Meta-

Note: Govt recommendations in 2015 often ignored data after 2011

INTERVENTION categories include

Intervention AND Autism

Intervention AND Autoimmune

Intervention AND Bone (see also Rickets)

Intervention AND Breathing

Intervention AND Cancer

Intervention AND Cancer - Breast

Intervention AND Cancer - Skin

Intervention AND Cardiovascular

Intervention AND Cognitive

Intervention AND Dental

Intervention AND Depression

Intervention AND Diabetes (see also Metabolic Syndrome)

Intervention AND Fertility/Sperm

Intervention AND Falls/Fractures

Intervention AND Gut

Intervention AND Headache

Intervention AND Hypertension

Intervention AND Immune

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Intervention AND Inflammation

Intervention AND Infant/Child (see also Rickets)

Intervention AND Kidney

Intervention AND Liver

Intervention AND Meta-analysis

Intervention AND Metabolic Syndrome (see also Diabetes)

Intervention AND Mortality

Intervention AND Multiple Sclerosis (see also Autoimmune)

Intervention AND Obesity (weight)

Intervention AND Optimum

Intervention AND Osteoporosis

Intervention AND Pain

Intervention AND Parkinson's

Intervention AND Pregnancy

Intervention AND Psorasis (see also Skin)

Intervention AND Rheumatoid Arthritis

Intervention AND Rickets

Intervention AND Seniors

Intervention AND Skin

Intervention AND Skin - Dark

Intervention AND Sleep

Intervention AND Sports

Intervention AND Stroke

Intervention AND TB

Intervention AND Thyroid/Parathyroid

Intervention AND Trauma/surgery

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Intervention AND Youth (see also Infant-Child)

Intervention AND Women (see also Pregnancy)

Intervention AND Loading Dose

Intervention - sorted by date


Clinical Vitamin D Invervention Trials (US database)

Clinical Trials Vitamin D intervention (World Health Organization)

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Intervention - Vitamin D        

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