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Overview of Rickets and Vitamin D

Summary of Rickets and Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of most rickets
Rate of rickets is usually < 0.1% of births, unless dark skin or breastfed
Rate of rickets has greatly increased with the drop in vitamin D levels during the past 40 years
400 IU can prevent/treat most rickets (Turkey gave vitamin D to EVERY child)
More than 400 IU may be needed
A low serum level of vitamin D does not indicate rickets
Rate of rickets in some countries varies from 10% to 70% (typically poor health overall)
Rickets was identified 400 years ago and treatments were determined 100 years ago
Rickets is strongly associated with severe breathing problems (weak ribs)
Bowed legs is not the primary indication of rickets (3 other indications of rickets are seen more often)

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How much Vitamin D needed to stop rickets

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PDF Re-emerging Nutriional Rickets - 2005, is attached at the bottom of this page

PDF Rickets in Children is attached at the bottom of this page

PDF History of Rickets before the discovery of vitamin D (Jan 2014) is attached at the bottom of this page
Treating rickets by having children on a veranda - 1923

PDF Good Seminar on Rickets - Lancet May 2014 is attached at the bottom of this page
Need 400 IU

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Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, January 2015, $40 for PDF
In the case of rickets, there was marked architectural disorganization of endochondral ossification at the costochondral junctions and growth plates of long bones. The child abuse-related fractures showed osteochondral callus at different stages of healing, either centered on a discrete fracture line or at metaphyses (e.g. classical metaphyseal lesions). In many instances, the healing fractures disrupted the line of endochondral ossification. In none of the child abuse-related fractures was there any similarity to the histologic appearance of rickets.
The maturation disturbance in the growth plate that occurs in rickets is a distinctive entity that cannot be confused histologically with healing fractures, including the classical metaphyseal lesion.
Includes 20 references - free

Vitamin D Status in Abused and Nonabused Children Younger Than 2 Years Old With Fractures - 2011

 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki

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Top 20 diseases related to Rickets by genes (many of which are associated with low vitamin D

Overview of Rickets and Vitamin D        

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