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2017 Vaccine may prevent only 10 percent of influenza, Vitamin D prevents 70 percent

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Questions and Answers About This Year’s Flu Season - Jan 2018

New York Times Jan 18, 2018

  • "This season is closely paralleling the 2014-2015 season, which was dominated by the same H3N2 flu strain and was also “moderately severe.”"
  • "Almost 6 percent of all Americans seeking medical care now have flu symptoms. "
    "The 2014-15 and 2012-13 flu seasons also peaked at close to 6 percent. "
  • "Even in a mild year, flu kills about 12,000 Americans, the C.D.C. estimates. In a bad year, it kills up to 56,000."
  • "The shot’s efficacy here has not yet been calculated because the virus is still spreading, but experts expect it to be about 30 percent."

The Perfect Storm Behind This Year's Nasty Flu Season - Jan 2018

The Atlantic

  • "And in the week ending January 6, 22.7 out of every 100,000 hospitalizations in the U.S. were for flu—twice the number of the previous week"
  • "The dominant circulating strain this year is H3N2, which hits humans harder than other strains. Scientists don’t really know why, but flu seasons where H3N2 have dominated in the past have tended to be worse"
  • "Second, the vaccine. This year’s vaccine was only 10 percent effective against the problematic H3N2 strain in Australia"
  • "This does not mean that the flu vaccine this year is useless. It still protects against other strains of flu such as H1N1 and B virus, and it provides at least some immunity to H3N2."


Flu in every state - CDC Jan 6, 2018

Interactive Map - the following is a snapshot

Influenza -A infections half as often in children getting 1200 IU of vitamin D – RCT Jan 2018

In The U.S., Flu Season Could Be Unusually Harsh This Year NPR Dec 2017

  • “Another reason for concern is that Australia had a severe flu season this year.”
  • "We generally follow in our season what happened in the Southern Hemisphere, such as in Australia," Fauci says. "And Australia had a particularly bad influenza season for a number of reasons."
  • “A major reason for Australia's struggle is that the main strain of flu circulating there was one known as H3N2. That kind of flu virus tends to make people sicker than other strains, especially the elderly.”
  • “To make things worse, the flu vaccine appears to have been only about 10 percent effective against that strain in Australia.”
  • “"The mutation just happened to be in a very bad spot on the virus to make it essentially be a mismatch for the vaccine,”
  • “Last year, the vaccine was 32 percent effective against the H3N2 flu strain in the United States.”

Officials Admit Flu Vaccine 2017 Likely Worthless Mercola Dec 19, 2017

  • "Multiple Reasons Why the 2017 Flu Vaccine Is Likely to Fail"
  • "Vitamin D Much More Effective Than Flu Vaccine"

See Influenza in VitaminDWiki

Vitamin D is less costly
Vitamin D is more effective (5X to 7X better)
Vitamin D has virtually no side effects
Vitamin D has not been promoted - no profit motivation

    If you feel you must take the vaccine, take vitamin D as well
   People with adequate amount of vitamin D are 10X less likely to have vaccine side-effects

Cold and Flu reduction @ is.gd/VitDColdFlu

Arizona Influenza cases 758% higher this winter than last - Jan 9, 2018

Note - Influenza primarily occurs when the population has a low level of Vitamin D
For most people that is in the winter
In the Middle East colds/influenza occurs in the summer when people completely avoid the very hot sun

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