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  • Phrases associated with cancer NYT Jan 2015
    “failed tamoxifen”,“platinum resistant” or “refractory” patient, “relapsed” scans which are “clean,” “positive” or “advancing” spells trouble
    nodes have been “harvested”; a tumor is “indolent, “minimal or acceptable side effects,” scanxiety,
    Nothing about vitamin D
  • How cancer cells form tumors by reaching out with ‘cables’ and grabbing cells Jan 2016 (nothing about vitamin D)
    "Surprisingly, as little as five percent of cancerous cells are needed to form the tumors, a ratio previously unknown."
    “It’s that these cells go out and actively recruit. It’s complicated stuff, and it’s not passive. No one had a clue that there were specialized cells in this process, and that it’s a small number that pulls all the rest in.”
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