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Blood Test Misses a lot (VDW 3439)
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Vitamin D fights all phases of Influenza, also increases vaccine effectiveness and decreases side effects
Monthly dosing is better than daily: children & elderly

Proof that Vitamin D Works
  proven to prevent and/or treat 86 problems

Number of studies
Pregnancy, intervention
500 ea
Infant-Child, Osteoarthritis, Dark Skin
390 ea
Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Meta-analysis
360 ea
Ultraviolet, Noontime sun
270 ea
Genetics, Trauma & Surgery, Breast Cancer, Magnesium, Omega-3
190 ea
Vitamin D - other

As of March 2018

US admits math mistake was made in 2010 in estimating Vitamin D, but will not change recommendations – Nov 2017

"Does Less Sun Mean More Disease?"
5 minute video with voice-overs in English, German, Spanish, French, . .

Live longer if more vitamin D - 13 meta studies

Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction may be associated with low vitamin D

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Sci-Hub article on Verge - Feb 2018

  • "Elsevier, for example, boasts a nearly $35 billion market cap. It has reported a nearly 39 percent profit margin for its scientific publishing arm"
  • Open Access now (not Sci-Hub) now accounts for 28 % Digital Object Identifiers
  • "...many Open Access publishers charge scientists fees — often anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to around two thousand — for processing their articles, whether they’re accepted or not."
  • 70 % of peer-review Open Access models do not charge anything
  • Researchgatews pressured into taking down 7 million unauthorized copies of their (publishers) papers.
  • Sci-Hub has “gained access” to “around 400 universities.”
  • "Now, once users pointed Sci-Hub toward an article, the site would check every university proxy server until it found one through which it could download the paper, and would download it automatically."
  • " “Access from China and Iran was blocked for some time because Sci-Hub couldn’t serve as many requests as were coming from these countries".
  • ".She also made Sci-Hub inaccessible to Americans (except those using VPNs) — in part because of the number of download requests, but also because she wanted to avoid becoming a target for lawsuits.__

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Vitamin D and Vitamin K
Vitamin D and Boron
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2689 100 percent of Acute Respiratory Failure patients had low vitamin D - April 2012 7249
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Cost savings with Vitamin D
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Cancer - after diagnosis
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2924 7 improvements in lives of veterans with chronic pain with 50,000 IU vitamin D weekly – June 2012 12634
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Intervention - non daily
2959 400 iu of vitamin D is like 24 seconds of sun in a swimsuit in Los Angeles 2148
27 Jun, 2012 11:40
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Noontime sun and D
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