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Probably 90 percent of Australians have low levels of vitamin D

Sunday January 29, 2012

A 1999 Vitamin D test found that 73% of the Australian adults had less than 30 ng of vitamin D.
The study published in Jan 2012 stated that 31% had less than 20 ng of vitamin D, and they downplayed the 73% results

Fact: Australia, US, UK and several other countries still officially state that 20 ng is sufficient
Fact: 2X more people have become vitamin D deficient in 2010 than were vitamin D deficient in 2000, when the study was made
What did the headline say? Vitamin deficiency strikes one-third of Australians
What should it have been? Vitamin deficiency strikes 90% of Australians

Note: Australia Vitamin D IU recommendations were last updated in 2006 to a pathetic 200 IU

see for example wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=2322

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