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Untangling the most probable role for vitamin D3 in autism – Oct 2017

Dermato Endocrinology : e1387702 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/19381980.2017.1387702
Dianne E Godar , PhD & Stephen J. Merrill , PhD


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Note: A great many things can change gene activations - even between twins.
A few of which are Magnesium, Omega-3, poor gut, virus,

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Recent studies indicate an important role for vitamin D3 in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), although its mechanism is not completely understood.
The most puzzling aspect of ASD is that identical twins, who share identical DNA, do not have 100% concordance rates (

  • ∼88% for identical and
  • ∼31% for fraternal twins).

These findings provide major clues into the etiology: ASD must involve an environmental factor present in the prenatal milieu that both identical twins are not always exposed to because they do not always share it (i.e., placentas). Combined with the exponential increasing rates of ASD around the world, these observations suggest a contagious disease is probably transferred to the fetus via the placenta becoming infected by a cervical virus.
Vitamin D3 boosts immune responses clearing viral infections and increases serotonin and estrogen brain levels. Here we review the different roles and untangle the most probable one vitamin D3 plays in ASD.

PDF Table of Contents
Prenatal soluble factors
Vitamin D3 – estrogen, serotonin and immune function
Infectious placental and cervical diseases
Which viral infection?
Supporting evidence HPV is the primary infecting agent
Similarities between Cancer and ASD?
Do HPV's biochemical and epigenetic fingerprints match ASD's fingerprints?
Genetic or epigenetic component?
HPV strains found in cervical smears
Treatment and prevention options

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