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Tinnitus and vitamin D

A few references from the web Nov 2010

Vitamin D:Does It Help In Tinnitus Treatment? downloadable book

2nd site for the above book - talks more about all supplements

http://www.vitamin-d-deficiency-symptoms.com/tag/tinnitus lots and lots of references

http://www.healthoma.com/overdose-of-vitamin-d/ describes problems when having too much Calcium and vitamin D - 2007

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My personal experience. Henry Lahore Nov 2010

10,000 IU of vitamin D daily for 6 months helped in a huge number of ways, but did not seem reduce my tinnitus at all
Bio-Ear drops in my ear reduces tinnitus wonderfully for a few days per application

117 places to buy it on the internet

Tinnitus and vitamin D        

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