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Supplementing Vitamin D

Cofactors and what the admin of VitaminDWiki takes

Vitamin D3 instead of D2 89 items  Overview

   You should refuse to take Vitamin D2

Deficiency of Vitamin D 304 items   Overview Food sources for Vitamin D 89 items Forms of Vitamin D 58 items  Vegan D3 Fortification of food 71 items   Overview How Much Vitamin D 294 items   Overview

How much Vitamin D and nutrients
IU of vitamin D to add vs X click on chart for details

How/when to take Vitamin D 38 items

How to 2X the response to Vitamin D
How Often    Overview
How often take 50,000 IU
Is 50 ng of Vitamin D the right level
Genes, Kidney, Mg may block benefits

Intervention with Vitamin D 443 items

Low cost and many forms

Loading dose 95 items  Overview

400,000 IU loading dose: feel the benefits in < 7 days click on chart for details
Response with 400,000 IU loading dose @ is.gd/7DayVitD

Optimum 63 items  Overview

Reaction, allergic to vitamin D
Reasons for low response
Response to Vitamin D dose    Dose response equations for Vitamin D

Supplementing Vitamin D 74 items Test 110 items   Tests - low cost Toxicity 80 items   Overview


Calcium 155 items  Overview Magnesium 179 items  _Overview Omega-3 138 items  _Overview Vitamin A 47 items Vitamin K 76 items  Overview


Iron 39 items if anemic


Vitamin D - misc. topics 30 items More D 45 items

Cost savings
HMOs save millions of $  Forum
Interactions with Vitamin D
Is D associated with a disease?

Patents 16 items   Overview

Relationships between Vit D diseases

Veterinary 99 items   Overview Category Treatment by Vitamin D has 37 items
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