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5884 1700 IU vitamin D for a year provided no cardiovascular benefit (no surprise) – RCT Oct 2014 2075
01 Nov, 2014 12:22
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Fortification with Vitamin D
2239 200 IU per 100 gram of egg yoke when add vitamin D to poultry feed in Europe – Aug 2011 1938
18 Mar, 2016 20:13
admin Veterinary and Vitamin D
Fortification with Vitamin D
6811 2X fewer Senior falls in group getting 100,000 IU vitamin D monthly via Meals-on-Wheels – RCT Aug 2015 4552
28 Jul, 2016 14:51
admin Intervention
Falls and Fractures
Fortification with Vitamin D
4594 400 IU of Vitamin D fortification of food almost stopped winter decline – Aug 2013 766
24 Sep, 2013 19:49
admin Fortification with Vitamin D
5606 5,000 IU of vitamin D (in bread) was great – should have continued forever – Oct 2013 1333
29 Jul, 2014 12:23
admin Fortification with Vitamin D
5387 5000 IU of vitamin D in daily bread substantially improved quality of life in nursing home – May 2014 7166
15 Mar, 2015 21:28
admin Seniors
Top news
Fortification with Vitamin D
2492 5000 IU vitamin D3 added daily to bread raised blood levels to 50 ng – 2009 3567
16 May, 2014 12:14
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Evidence for D
Fortification with Vitamin D
3276 A balanced diet is no longer enough – supplements needed - VitaminDWiki Oct 2012 10783
27 Feb, 2014 13:41
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Vitamin D and Vitamin K
Fortification with Vitamin D
Vitamin D and Omega-3
209 A plea for vitamin D food fortification in India - May 2010 1844
09 Dec, 2012 18:11
admin Deficiency of Vitamin D
Fortification with Vitamin D
3309 Add vitamin D to animal feed to fortify the resulting human food – Oct 2012 1913
09 Dec, 2012 18:06
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Fortification with Vitamin D

Determination of vitamin D in foods - New Zealand 2014

Includes technical concerns such as light and heat stability
Found that Liposomal-form was better than water- soluable form for Cheese fortification
Only permit 100 IU of vitamin D per 10 grams of edible oil
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A Review of Vitamin D Fortification: Implications for Nutrition Programming in Southeast Asia - 2013

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TABLE 3. Summary of findings of different surveys (including all category groups)

Places where the
studies were implemented
All of these studies except one in Romania and another in Mongolia were conducted in developed countries. Most of these countries were located in high latitude regions (30°N or higher). Seasonal variation was obvious for vitamin D deficiency, and most studies were conducted during winter.
Food vehicles used The common food carriers for vitamin D fortification included milk, cheese, and other dairy products (both regular-fat and low-fat); margarine; oil spread; orange juice; and bread.
Fortification levels The fortification level of these studies varied from 2.5 to 125 µg /day; the most common doses were between 5 and 25 µg/day (1 to 5 times AI). The fortification level for each food depended on the intake and characteristics of that food (e.g., 0.5 µg/100 mL for milk and 10 µg/100 g for margarine in Finland).
Impacts of the studies
on 25OHD concentration
20 studies showed beneficial effects of vitamin D fortification on 25OHD concentration or vitamin D deficiency. The magnitude of mean 25OHD concentration improvement varied from 2 to 97.1 nmol/L; the most common improvements were between 9.9 and 34.5 nmol/L. The magnitude was significantly related to the fortification level used (n = 8, r = 0.98, p < .01), which is also supported by the meta-analysis of Black et al. [19]. For example, fortification with the lowest (2.5 µg/day) and the highest (125 µg/day) amounts of vitamin D resulted in the smallest (2 nmol/L) and the largest (97.1 nmol/L) improvements in 25OHD, respectively.
Impact of the studies
on other markers
Vitamin D fortification suppressed PTH in 8 of 14 studies. When products fortified with both vitamin D and calcium were consumed, BMD increased in various locations, including hip, femoral neck, ultradistal radius, spine, and pelvis. However, it is difficult to attribute the benefits to vitamin D or calcium alone, due to the design of these studies.
Toxicity No adverse effects were reported when food fortified with 100 µg/day vitamin D was consumed for 2 months. Serum calcium concentration, a biomarker for vitamin D toxicity, did not increase during 1 year of intervention with 125 µg/day vitamin D, although urinary calcium concentration increased at 3, 6, and 9 months, but not at 12 months. When 25 µg/day vitamin D or less was consumed, some subjects reported gastrointestinal discomfort.

AI, Adequate Intake; BMD, bone mineral density; 25OHD, 25-hydroxyvitamin D; PTH, parathyroid hormone

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