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6X worse Sudden Cardiac Arrest outcome if low vitamin D – April 2014

Following Sudden Cardiac Arrest, A Lack Of Vitamin D Will Increase Mortality And Decrease Brain Function Medical Daily

  • 65 percent of patients with vitamin D deficiency had a poor neurological outcome at six months after discharge compared to 23 percent of patients with healthy vitamin D levels.
  • They also found that 29 percent of patients with vitamin D deficiency had died at six months compared to none of the patients with good vitamin D levels.
  • "Vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of poor neurological outcome after sudden cardiac arrest by seven-fold,”

Source: Wi J, Shin YH, Kim JS, et al. Relationship of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone to infarction-related arrhythmia in patients with acute myocardial infarction. American College of Cardiology. 2014.

Final page for this study on vitaminDWiki is
   Sudden cardiac arrest 6X worse outcome if low vitamin D – Nov 2014

Note: Korea defines low vitamin D as < 20 ng, whereas most of the world defines low as < 30 ng

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