Overview MS and vitamin D

Clinical interventions have shown that Vitamin D can prevent, treat, and even cure Multiple Sclerosis, at a small fraction (1/1000th) of the cost of the drugs now used to treat it, and with no side effects.

Fact: Low Vitamin D results in higher risk of getting MS

- Dark skinned people are far more likely to get MS (dark skin people typically have low vitamin D)
- Elderly (who typically have low vitamin D) are more likely to get MS
- Is there increased risk in people who already have diseases associated with low vitamin D - TB, for example ? ? ?
- Women typically have 3X increased MS risk then men (note: women typically have 20% lower levels of vitamin D than men)
    Exception: women in very sunny climates and dark-skinned women have the same MS risk as men
- Obese are 60% more likely to get MS
- Smokers - smokers have lower level of vitamin D and have higher incidence of MS (also, smokers are difficult to cure of MS in Brazil)
- MS recurrence is much higher in spring - the lowest time of the year for vitamin D
- increas in clouds/rainfall (which reduces available Vitamin D) is associated with increased risk of MS (Scotland, Western Washington)
- MS incidence has increased 70% in a decade while the incidence of vitamin D deficiency doubled
- Less MS in those with outdoor occupations PDF file, not a web page
Fact: MS uses up Vitamin D
Fact: Lower vitamin D (due to MS using up Vitamin D while fighting the disease) results in many other health problems (such as broken bones), so depleted vitamin D levels must be restored.

Fact: Vitamin D looks so promising for preventing and treating MS that there were 25 INTERVENTION clinical trials as of Feb 2014
Fact:Vitamin D reduced the MS relapse rate far better than Fingolimod which is now used for that purpose.
    Note: Fingolimod costs $25,000/year while vitamin D, which works better and has no site effects is 1000 times less expensive.
Fact: 98% of the genes affected by Interferon are also affected by Vitamin D
    Note: 1 week of Interferon = $4,700, 1 week of vitamin D 10,000X lower cost
Fact: MS Doctors in Brazil recommending 40-100 ng/mL of Vitamin D
Fact: Many MS forums are recommending vitamin D to treat MS, with some taking 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily
Observation: Risk of going from pre-MS to MS reduced 68 percent with 7100 IU vitamin D – RCT Dec 2012
    This is an observation instead of a fact - it has not yet been confirmed.
Fact: VERY LARGE doses of vitamin D have CURED 2,000 people of MS in Brazil
Controversy: UVB fron sunlight or UVB bulb may be BETTER than Vitamin D for reducing the risk of getting MS
Hypothesis: In addition to Vitamin D there are many other photoproducts produced by UVB that may promote health.

Summary: lack of consensus on how much to prevent, treat, or cure MS

  • How much Vitamin D to prevent many diseases - such as MS
  • How much Vitamin D is needed to treat MS? There is currently no agreement
       The recommendations range from 40 to 100 ng - which can result of a dose ranging from 3,000 to 30,000 IU/day
  • How Vitamin D is needed to Cure MS?: It appears that 20,000-140,000 IU daily may be needed to CURE the disease
       You must be under the supervision of a doctor who knows what to watch for in your individual situation.
       High doses of Vitamin D cannot be used as a monotherapy.
       You will need to adjust the cofactors: Typically increasing Magnesium and Vitamin K2, and reducing Calcium intake.
       Your doctor will monitor these and might increase your intake of Vitamins B2, C, as well as Omega-3

Forums and organizations are endorsing Vitamin D for MS

Books with large sections on MS and Vitamin D

1000+ videos of MS and Vitamin D

YouTube March 2015-2016

See also in VitaminDWiki


See also on the web

Genes, MS, and Vitamin D

FACT: At least some MS is associated with a gene variant
FACT: People with MS need higher levels of vitamin D to treat the symptoms
SPECULATION: Those people with the gene variant need higher levels of vitamin D in the blood to prevent/treat MS

Top 20 diseases related by genes to MS ( many of which are associated with low vitamin D)


MS occurs in a vicious cycle with vitamin D: low D leads to MS which lowers vitamin D

As MS progresses, MSers tend to stop working
fewer than 30% are still working after 7 years


MS Holistic view (all aspects) Sept 2014


Decreased MS relapse rate with better diet - 2015

Result of a web questionaire of 2,000+ people with MS
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki
Nothing about Vitamin D
Contains the following summary chart

Clinical Trials with Vitamin D for MS - Oct 2014

http://www.vitamindandms.org/clinicaltrials/index.html contailns the trial details

Detailed list of MS and Vitamin D researchers

http://www.tengoesclerosismultiple.com/ Mulitiple Sclerosis - Coimbra Protocol in Spanish

MS prevelence in 2013

Image CBC CA Sept 2017

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