Less than 1 percent of the genes in your body are even mammalian

Comment by Dr. Grimes in a Video June 2011

  • 10% of the cells in our body are human = 10 trillion
  • 90% of the cells in our body are microbial = 90 trillion
  • 25,000 human genes
  • 1,300,000 genes just in our intestine
    There are far more genes in our body which might be influenced by vitamin D than we have been aware of.

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Intestinal fungus from previous reference


Apparently there has been no investigation of bacteria genes and vitamin D bioavailability

Even though non-human genes make up 99% of the genes in the human body

Another way to state it. The human body probably shares less than 1% of the genes with a banana

Observation: Inuits have greatly reduced uptake of vitamin D from foods - some of their local food has toxic level of vitamin D

Wonder if that reduced intake is due to changes in human genes or bacterial genes

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They Outnumber Your Cells Ten to One but Researchers Show they Play Crucial Role in Your Health Mercola April 2011


  • There are 100 trillion cells in your body, but only one in 10 is human. The rest are bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms, i.e. your microflora.
  • Your microflora influence your genetic expression, your immune system, your weight and your risk of numerous chronic and acute diseases, from diabetes to cancer.
  • It is becoming increasingly clear that destroying your gut flora with antibiotics and poor diet is a primary factor in rising disease rates.
  • Gut Bacteria Divides People Into Three Types (similar to 4 blood types)
  • Link to a doctor who discusses this issue

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