The vitamin D requirement during human lactation - April 2011

A series of critical letters were published in Public Health Nutrition. Vol 14, issue 4 -the following letters at the bottom are at the end of the issue

  • The 2010 recommendations of the American Institute of Medicine for daily intakes of vitamin
    • Barbara J. Boucher
  • Vitamin D, how much is enough and how much is too much?
    • Edward Giovannucci
  • Vitamin D and the limits of randomized controlled trials,
    • Edward D. Gorham and Cedric F. Garland
  • Era or error?,
    • John Cannell
  • Vitamin D nutrition is at a crossroads,
    • Anthony W. Norman
  • The Institute of Medicine did not find the vitamin D–cancer link because it ignored UV-B dose studies
    • William B. Grant
  • A Canadian response to the 2010 Institute of Medicine vitamin D and calcium guidelines
    • Gerry K. Schwalfenberg and Susan J. Whiting
  • The vitamin D requirement during human lactation: the facts and IOM's ‘utter’ failure;
    • Bruce W. Hollis and Carol L. Wagner
  • Finding the appropriate referent for vitamin D,
    • Robert P. Heaney

Letter by Hollis and Wagner - you can buy a clean image, but this is what you can see for free


References and other letters are on-line

See also VitaminDWiki

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