Proof that Vitamin D Works

42 health problems prevented or treated by Vitamin D - as of March 2014

Hypertension, Cardiovascular, Back Pain, Diabetes, Influenza, Falls, Hip Fractures, Breast Cancer,
Multiple Sclerosis, Raynaud's pain, Menstrual Pain, C-section and pregnancy risks, Low Birth Weight,
Chronic Kidney Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, TB, Rickets, Respiratory Tract Infection,
Lupus, Sickle Cell pain, leg ulcers, traumatic brain injury. Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis,
Congestive Heart Failure (Infants), Middle Ear Infection (Infants), Gingivitis, muscles in seniors, antibiotic use in seniors,
Infants taller, Gestational Diabetes, heart pump better after attack, Prostate Cancer, Asthma, Depression,
Vitamin D in Breastmilk, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Hives, Cholesterol, Weight loss

Health ProblemTreat
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RCT = Random Controlled Trial
  *= more than 1 RCT
HypertensionT 149 to 142 RCT*, mm Hg avg., 2400 IU 1
Cardiovascular T 32 % Death after heart failure, 1000 IU2
Diabetes T1 P 85 % 12000 kids, 2000 IU3
Diabetes T2T 62 % RCT*, CRP reduction, 4000 IU 4
Back PainT 95 % 5000/10000 IU5
Influenza P 90 % RCT, 2000 IU6
Falls P 19 %RCT, 1000 IU 7
Hip Fractures P 30 %RCT* 800 IU8
Rickets P 98 %Turkey, 400 IU9
Raynaud's SyndromeT 40 % RCT, visual scale, 20000 IU avg10
Menstrual painP 76 %RCT, 7000 IU avg11
Pregnancy risks P 50 % RCT, 4000 IU12
C-section, unplannedP 50 % RCT, 4000 IU, small study13
Low birth weightP 60 %RCT* 1000 IU of D214
TBP 60 % RCT, 800 IU15
Breast Cancer P 60 %RCT, 1100 IU (2007)16
Rheumatoid Arthritis painT 40 %RCT, 500 IU, added to prescription17
Cystic FibrosisT 75 %RCT, pilot 4X fewer deaths 250,000 IU 18
Chronic KidneyT 90 - > 70RCT, 3500 IU, PTH avg19
Respiratory Tract InfectionP 63 %RCT, 4000 IU 1 year20
LupusT No flaresLoading then 100,000 IU monthly, RCT too21
Sickle Cell T Less painRCT, up to 100,000 IU/week22
Leg ulcer healingT 4X fasterRCT, 50,0000 IU/week, small study23
Traumatic Brain Injury T 2X RCT, 20,0000 IU/day with progesterone24
Parkinson's DiseaseT StabilizeRCT, 1200 IU/day25
Multiple SclerosisP 68%RCT, 7100 IU prevent pre-MS ==> MS26
Congestive Heart Failure T 90 % RCT, 1000 IU infants (also: Adults, not RCT) 27
Middle Ear InfectionP 30 %RCT, 1000 IU infants28
GingivitisT 88 %RCT, 2000 IU29
Muscle in seniorsT +17 %RCT, 4000 IU30
Antibiotic use when >70yT 47 %RCT, 60,000 IU monthly31
Infants tallerBenefit1 cmRCT, 50,000 IU weekly, 8 weeks32
Gestational Diabetes T TreatedRCT, 2 doses of 50,000 IU33
After Heart Attack T +6% EFRCT, 800,000 IU34
Prostate Cancer T Fewer +coresRCT, 4000 IU (2012)35
Asthma T ReducedRCT, 60,000 IU monthly36
Depression T ReducedRCT, 300,000 IU injection37
Low vitamin D while breastfed P All > 20 ngRCT, 5,000 IU38
Fibrolyalgia T Reduced RCT, 30-48 ng39
Hives, Chronic T Reduced 40% RCT, 4000 IU added 40
CholesterolT Reduced 4 mg RCT, 400 IU + Ca 41
Weight LossT Reduced extra 5 lbs RCT, 2000 IU +diet +exercise 42

Most proofs are RCT (Random Controlled Trials), where not even the doctor knows who gets the extra vitamin D
Two are meta-analysis of multiple RCTs
or Researchers felt that it was unethical to not give vitamin D to everyone
or #9 Gave vitamin D to ALL infants in the entire country (Rickets)

(Note: 3/4 of the Proofs were in 2012 and 2013 - as of Dec 4 2013)

Clinical Trials: Vitamin D INTERVENTIONS 1212 as of Feb 2014

How often should I take 50000 IU (1.25 mg) of vitamin D re-arranges the above data (from summer 2013) by dose

Observation by Henry Lahore of VitaminDWiki Dec 2013

As far as I am aware:    Every single clinical trial which used enough Vitamin D for long enough got great results.

Many Clinical Trials do not find a benefit because of one or more of the following:

  1. Have used too small a dose of vitamin D (often < 1,100 IU)
    Even larger dose needed if: 1) obese, 2) poor gut, 3) sick (many diseases consume lots of vitamin D
  2. Fails to have given vitamin D for too short of time (a few RCT lasted less than 5 weeks)
  3. Fails to have given Vitamin D frequently enough. At least every 2 months for D3) - and at least weekly for D2
    Note: Infrequent dosing also causes unbalancing of the body's chemistry
  4. Fails to provide a loading dose, or had too short a duration to restore the vitamin D levels
  5. Fails to use D3 form, instead uses the less effective D2 form
  6. Fails to have a health range of Calcium or other important cofactors (especially for bone-related trials
    Also, differences in Magnesium can result in 30% change in response to vitamin D
    Magnesium is dependant on water, food, supplements
  7. Fails to notice the pre-existing vitamin D levels - only those who are low will likely show a benefit
  8. Fais to notice how/when the vitamin D was taken (which can change the response by as much as 2X)
  9. Fais to reports on compliance (in one case 40% of the participants did not take the supplements consistantly)

Many Meta-Analysis do not find a benefit because one or more of the above reasons
Many meta-analysis average together ALL of the trials
Imagine a story about a meta-analysis if aspirin were being introduced now.
   There would be scores of RCT for aspirin not working with 3 mg doses
   There would be many RCT of aspirin not working with 30 mg doses
   There would be a few studies of aspirin WORKING with 300+ mg doses
   There would be many studies of small amounts of Willow bark (Vitamin D2 instead of Vitamin D3)
   Then were would be a meta-analysis of aspirin and Willow Bark
   - That meta-analysis would conclude that aspirin and bark do not work.

While about 200 RCTs will be published during 2014, I anticipate only adding 50 to the proofs table due to the reasons listed above
   Also, some trials will not get started due to lack of people willing to go for years with < 500 IU of vitamin D
Note: 95% of the proofs for vitamin D were published after the IoM stopped looking at data.

See also VitaminDWiki: Random Controlled Trials with vitamin D intervention

More intervention trials for Vitamin D than for the TOTAL of Vitamins A + C + E + K combined

Vitamin D= 915, Others = 798 [ Vitamin A 188 + Vitamin C 269 + Vitamin E 236 + Vitamin K 105 ]   as of Sept 2012

See also VitaminDWiki


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Chart of Vitamin D benefits from 2012

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