Vitamin D Deficiency

Published Recommendations which has the following
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Reasons for Vitamin D deficiency 35+ reasons
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Incidence of 30 health problems related to vitamin D has doubled in a decade
Criteria to associate a health problem with low vitamin D
Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic 20 of the 35 are new in past few decades
Diseases which are related due to vitamin D deficiency
Vitally important to restore vitamin D levels if have one vitamin D related disease so as to reduce risk of comorbid diseaes


Random Controlled Trials
Evidence for D 38 items  Overview
Diseases TREATED 37 items Overview
Meta-analysis of Vitamin D 282 meta-analysis
Proofs that vitamin D works 60+ Random Controlled Trials (as of Nov 2016)
Intervention - Vitamin D category listing has 377 items along with related searches


Dark skin Overview

The TOP Dark Skin and vitamin D articles are:

Pregnant Overview

The TOP Pregnancy and vitamin D articles are:

Dark Skin AND Pregnant Overview

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Obese Overview

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Seniors Overview

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Shut-in 23 items

List of High Risk Groups 29 items


Australia & NZ 51 items
Canada 34 items
Europe 135 items
Far from Equator 83 items
Middle East 75 items   Overview
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Category Optimum Vitamin D 60 items
The TOP Optimum articles are:

Estimate (predict) vitamin D levels without a test

Predict Vitamin D category has the following
It is very difficult to predict the response to supplementation of Vitamin D, or additional sun/UV
There are a huge number of factors involved.
42 Predict Vitamin D articles
See VitaminDWiki
How to predict response to a vitamin D dose – RCT April 2014
Toward predicting vitamin D levels without a blood test.
Reasons for low response by vitamin D level in the blood
Overview Vitamin D Dose-Response has many charts, such as
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People die sooner if have low vitamin D

All items in category Mortality and Vitamin D 42 items

All items in category Testing Vitamin D 108 items

Big increase in number of Vitamin D tests
Big differences in 1090 test results of the same blood sample - 2013

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