Overview Liver and vitamin D

Fact: A properly functioning liver is needed for the efficient activation of vitamin D in the body
Fact: Liver diseases often result in lower levels of vitamin D
Fact: Various pain relievers damage the liver function
Fact: Lower levels of vitamin D result in osteoporosis and many other diseases
Options with a poorly functioning liver appear to be:

  1. Increased vitamin D (example: 2X more vitamin D if Liver is 1/2 as efficient)
  2. Increase the response you get from vitamin D
  3. Increase sunshine / UVB,
  4. Get the response you get from the sun/UVB
  5. Consider supplementing with Iron - a patented Iron supplement appears to work very well
  6. Get prescription for active form of vitamin D (Calcitriol) which does not need the liver to get the benefits of vitamin D in the body
  7. Get Calcidiol which also does not need the liver

see wiki page http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=949

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Inflammatory diseases: review of vitamin D, with many tables – May 2014 which has a summary table
Most of the people with the diseases have less than 20 ng of vitamin D

Click on image for ways of getting vitamin D even if Liver is not functioning well

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Heart transplant 19 ng vitamin D vs liver transplant 13 ng – April 2009 has the following graph


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