Migraine and Vitamin D

Dr. Gominak in Texas has some interesting ideas about Migraine, Sleep and Vitamin D

see new publication by Dr. Gominak Nov 2011 Poor sleep and lack of vitamin D - Nov 2011

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  • Migraine pain transmitters are mutant genes which turn on the pain receptors evolved to be activated only with concussions.
  • If you do not have a migraine gene a sleep disorder will not cause headache pain.
  • "Most patients with daily headache have a primary sleep disorder, either sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or periodic limb movements of sleep.” Page 35
  • 'Most of these patients have vitamin D deficiency with or without accompanying B12 deficiency

Measure D 25OH, B12, iron and replace all that are low (page 35)

  • Vitamin D 70- -85 nanograms/ ml.
  • B12 > 500/ml.“

Any migraine theory has to explain (page 37)

  • Why do migraines start at puberty?
  • Why do they start in boys and girls around the same age but get much better in boys?
  • Why are they worse around the menses?
  • Why are they much worse perimenopausally?
  • Why do they go away after menopause?

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Note: Magnesium is more than a cofactor for vitamin D

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  • FDA approved TMS device for headache - Dec 2013
    Based on a single RCT and diary entries of 100 people
    Side effects from the device were rare, the FDA said, but included "single reports of sinusitis, aphasia (inability to speak or understand language) and vertigo."
    Rare? with only 100 people, Minor?

Wonder how many of the following RCT would get FDA approval if significant effort was applied?

Health ProblemTreat
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RCT = Random Controlled Trial
  *= more than 1 RCT
HypertensionT 149 to 142 RCT*, mm Hg avg., 2400 IU 1
Cardiovascular T 32 % Death after heart failure, 1000 IU2
Diabetes T1 P 85 % 12000 kids, 2000 IU3
Diabetes T2T 62 % RCT*, CRP reduction, 4000 IU 4
Back PainT 95 % 5000/10000 IU5
Influenza P 90 % RCT, 2000 IU6
Falls P 19 %RCT, 1000 IU 7
Hip Fractures P 30 %RCT* 800 IU8
Rickets P 98 %Turkey, 400 IU9
Raynaud's SyndromeT 40 % RCT, visual scale, 20000 IU avg10
Menstrual painP 76 %RCT, 7000 IU avg11
Pregnancy risks P 50 % RCT, 4000 IU12
C-section, unplannedP 50 % RCT, 4000 IU, small study13
Low birth weightP 60 %RCT* 1000 IU of D214
TBP 60 % RCT, 800 IU15
Breast Cancer P 60 %RCT, 1100 IU (2007)16
Rheumatoid Arthritis painT 40 %RCT, 500 IU, added to prescription17
Cystic FibrosisT 75 %RCT, pilot 4X fewer deaths 250,000 IU 18
Chronic KidneyT 90 - > 70RCT, 3500 IU, PTH avg19
Respiratory Tract InfectionP 63 %RCT, 4000 IU 1 year20
LupusT No flaresLoading then 100,000 IU monthly, RCT too21
Sickle Cell T Less painRCT, up to 100,000 IU/week22
Leg ulcer healingT 4X fasterRCT, 50,0000 IU/week, small study23
Traumatic Brain Injury T 2X RCT, 20,0000 IU/day with progesterone24
Parkinson's DiseaseT StabilizeRCT, 1200 IU/day25
Multiple SclerosisP 68%RCT, 7100 IU prevent pre-MS ==> MS26
Congestive Heart Failure T 90 % RCT, 1000 IU infants (also: Adults, not RCT) 27
Middle Ear InfectionP 30 %RCT, 1000 IU infants28
GingivitisT 88 %RCT, 2000 IU29
Muscle in seniorsT +17 %RCT, 4000 IU30
Antibiotic use when >70yT 47 %RCT, 60,000 IU monthly31
Infants tallerBenefit1 cmRCT, 50,000 IU weekly, 8 weeks32
Gestational Diabetes T TreatedRCT, 2 doses of 50,000 IU33
After Heart Attack T +6% EFRCT, 800,000 IU34
Prostate Cancer T Fewer +coresRCT, 4000 IU (2012)35
Asthma T ReducedRCT, 60,000 IU monthly36
Depression T ReducedRCT, 300,000 IU injection37
Low vitamin D while breastfed P All > 20 ngRCT, 5,000 IU38
Fibrolyalgia T Reduced RCT, 30-48 ng39
Hives, Chronic T Reduced 40% RCT, 4000 IU added 40
CholesterolT Reduced 4 mg RCT, 400 IU + Ca 41
Weight LossT Reduced extra 5 lbs RCT, 2000 IU +diet +exercise 42

Note: virtually all of the above RCT proofs have a larger benefit that that shown for the TMS device
AND have far less side effects

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