Jaundice and vitamin D

Hypothesis: Jaundice is associated with Vitamin D: caused by low D and cleared up with high vitamin D/sunlight

October 2010 Henry Lahore

Autism linked to jaundice in newborns, study finds
Use phototherapy to reduce the problem that 5% of babies have, and 5% of those (0.25%) got psychological disorders, including autism.
versus 0.1% of all babies got autism. Net 67% more likely to get autism if had jaundice

The previous item got my attention, having just again read one of Cannell's description of Autism and vitamin D

2009 article on internet Vitamin D or sunlight reduces infant Jaundice
Opinion that sunlight even thru window glass will reduce Jaundice Strange - no vitamin D then
WiseGeek overview of Jaundice in newborns no mention of vitamin D
Emedicine on Jaundice no mention of vitamin D
Breastfeeding Jaundice wonder if this is a problem due to lack of vitamin D in the breastmilk
NHS in UK on Jaundice
clipp- - - Jaundice is very common, occurring in around 60% of newborn babies during their first week of life. This figure rises to 80% in pre-term babies (babies born early). Jaundice is more common in babies who are breastfed, and around 10% of breastfed babies will still have jaundice when they are one month old.

Observation: pre-term babies are 2X more likely to be very low on vitamin D

Recall: breastfed babies tend to be low on vitamin D - do not have a ready reference

Jaundice is fairly common
clipped - - - Nearly all infants are jaundiced to some degree. In the vast majority of cases, newborn jaundice is a normal process, which many researchers feel may even serve protective functions, such as guarding the infant from the effects of oxygen free radicals. It makes sense that something that occurs in the majority of babies so routinely may be part of nature's plan for the human infant. also talks about late-onset breastfeeding Jaundice

Suite 101 on Jaundice mentions that vitamin D speeds up eliminating Jaundice

Only one item in PubMed with Jaundice and Vitamin D both in the title

Serum alkaline phosphatase in infants with obstructive jaundice: relation to vitamin D supplementation.

J Pediatr. 1973 Jan;82(1):68-72. Bastis-Maounis B, Matsaniotis N, Maounis F. PMID: 4681869 no abstract

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