Jaundice and vitamin D


  • Jaundice is more common in breastfed infants (Breastfed infants are very low on vitamin D)
  • A typical jaundice treatment is phototherapy - typically without any UVB which makes vitamin D
  • Sometimes Vitamin D is used to treat jaundice
  • Autism (which is probably associated with low vitamin D) has been linked to jaundice
  • Wonder if jaundice is also associated with premature births - which typically have low vitamin D
  • Wonder if phototherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder is similar to that for jaundice
       in both cases the phototherapy does not REQUIRE UV (Vitamin D)

Jaundice is associated with Vitamin D: caused by low D and cleared up with high vitamin D/sunlight
Autism linked to jaundice in newborns, study finds
Use phototherapy to reduce the problem that 5% of babies have, and 5% of those (0.25%) got psychological disorders, including autism.
versus 0.1% of all babies got autism. Net 67% more likely to get autism if had jaundice

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  • 2009 article on internet Vitamin D or sunlight reduces infant Jaundice - 2009
  • Opinion that sunlight even thru window glass will reduce Jaundice Strange - no vitamin D then
  • Breastfeeding Jaundice wonder if this is a problem due to lack of vitamin D in the breastmilk
  • NHS in UK on Jaundice
    clipp- - - Jaundice is very common, occurring in around 60% of newborn babies during their first week of life. This figure rises to 80% in pre-term babies (babies born early). Jaundice is more common in babies who are breastfed, and around 10% of breastfed babies will still have jaundice when they are one month old.
  • Jaundice is fairly common - especially breastfed
    clipped - - - Nearly all infants are jaundiced to some degree. In the vast majority of cases, newborn jaundice is a normal process, which many researchers feel may even serve protective functions, such as guarding the infant from the effects of oxygen free radicals. It makes sense that something that occurs in the majority of babies so routinely may be part of nature's plan for the human infant. also talks about late-onset breastfeeding Jaundice
  • Suite 101 on Jaundice
    mentions that vitamin D speeds up eliminating Jaundice
  • The Effect of Phototherapy on Neonatal Vitamin D Metabolism 1980
    Phototherapy with daylight fluorescent lamps REDUCED the vitamin D levels 8.5 ==> 7.5 nanograms
  • Infant jaundice Mayo Clinic
    "Light therapy (phototherapy). Your baby may be placed under special lighting that emits light in the blue-green spectrum. The light changes the shape and structure of bilirubin molecules in such a way that they can be excreted in the urine and stool. The light isn't an ultraviolet light, and a protective plastic shield filters out any ultraviolet light that may be emitted."
  • Newborn Jaundice Home Remedies Emedicine Health
    "Newborn Jaundice Treatment: Significant jaundice is often treated with phototherapy. This involves placing the baby on a warmer beneath special lights.These lights are able to penetrate a baby's skin and affect the bilirubin within the child. The light changes bilirubin into lumirubin, which is easily handled by the baby's body.This treatment may seem much like a visit to a local tanning booth. Special goggles or a shade is placed over the baby's eyes to shield them from the lights."
    Note - this appears to use a UV light, vs Mayo Clinic and below do not use UV
  • http://www.uptodate.com/contents/jaundice-in-newborn-infants-beyond-the-basics
    "Breastfeeding — Jaundice is common in infants who are breastfed because of two different reasons"
    "Phototherapy — Phototherapy ("light" therapy) is the most common medical treatment for jaundice in newborns. In most cases, phototherapy is the only treatment required. It consists of exposing an infant's skin to blue light, which breaks bilirubin down into parts that are easier to eliminate in the stool and urine. Treatment with phototherapy using special blue lights, such as blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs), is successful for almost all infants.
  • Extensive discusion on Light therapy and billiblanket
    Billiblanket uses fiberoptics to shine light on skin without bothering the eyes

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