Is 50 ng of vitamin D too high, just right, or not enough

Overview of the controversy

  • Most experts say 40 ng is good
  • Some experts say 50 ng is much better for disease prevention
  • Some experts say 50 ng is too much (high latitude, black skin)
  • Concern that >40 ng may be too much if taking some chemotherapy and unable to reduce the dose taken
  • Some experts feel 50 ng is not enough to TREAT some diseases

Note: Some people need even more vitamin D
   (blood levels of Vitamin D DO NOT indicate when more is needed)

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Notional Graph of Expert Opinions of levels with Vitamin D MONOTHERAPY

Monotherapy just increases vitamin D levels, and rarely alters the cofactor intake (Ca, Mg, Vitamin K2, Omega-3, etc)

see wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=1293

Consensus: 0 ng is bad and 30 ng is good/ok

Vitamin D Council - Dr. Cannell

Summarized below

  1. 40-60 ng: Chimpanzees
  2. 40-60 ng: Lifeguards or other people outdoors with minimal clothes
  3. 40-60 ng: Needed to have vitamin D in breast milk
  4. >40 ng: Body starts to store vitamin D – for use in the first portion of winter
    Note: Vitamin D from the sun is stored in the body longer than vitamin D from supplements

At VitaminDWiki - need 20 - 49 ng

At VitaminDWiki - 50 - 60 ng

At VitaminDWiki - need > 60 ng

At VitaminDWiki - Optimal/Treatment

At VitaminDWiki - other


Some indications that >40 or >50 ng may sometimes cause some problems



Agreement: 50 ng is NOT TOXIC

U Shaped curve due to long follow-up time, not latitude - by Dr. Grant

The U-shaped relationship comes only from prospective studies with long follow-up times.
In my considered opinion, it is an artifact of the long follow-up time, not high latitude.

References (some of which are in VitaminDWiki)

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Do people with Dark Skin have a lower need for vitamin D? - Controversy

Chart of Vitamin D levels vs race - April 2013


Populations with more than 50 ng of vitamin D

How to Get Your Vitamin D Within to Healthy Ranges Mercola Nov 2011


A home test kit for excess Calcium in the urine is available $10 for 10 tests

See also web

Note: need to also search for: 100 nmol, 125 nmol, 150 nmol, 200 nmol

See also web - vitamin D test "reference range"

Papers with Optimal or Optimum "Vitamin D" in PubMed

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